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Is the right place for me?
How can I place an order?
How can I check availability?
What does the remark 'Pallet' stand for ?
What are forward orders ?
How can I pay ?
Which documents will I receive ?
What is your service and warranty policy?

  Is the right place for me?
Imexpan is a leading wholesaler specialized in worldwide import and export of motorcycles, ATV & Quads and genuine spare parts.
  How can I place an order?
Our procedure is easy and our delivery is fast! Just follow the steps below:  
1. Fax, call or mail your order
Place your order online or call us, fax us or mail your order, indicating:
   - Company details (address, VAT number/certificate, etc.).
   - Specify model, year, colour and the quantity you are ordering.
   - Shipment preferences (ex warehouse or home-delivered).

2. Pay your invoice
After ordering, you will soon receive your (proforma) invoice (excl. VAT) by mail (in PDF format) or by fax.
The (proforma) invoice contains the ordered items and payment instructions.

3. Ask your bank to confirm the swift transfer
For an immediate release and/or shipment of your goods, ask your bank to confirm the swift transfer by fax on +32 9 220 46 47.

4. Collection/Delivery of your goods
Your goods will be released as soon as we receive your payment, you can collect your goods from one of our warehouses or goods will be shipped according to your instructions.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

    How can I check availability?
On the price/stock list you will find the estimated time of availability (eta) of each model.
Any model that is not in stock, can be easily tracked by one of our staff members. Just give us a call on +32 9 220 11 04 or e-mail
    What does the remark 'Pallet' stand for ?
Units with the remark "pallet" are packed on re-usable pallets.
There are 3 options for you to choose from:
Option 1
You or your transport company picks up the motorcycle(s)/quads on wheels

Option 2 (only for motorcycles)
We pack the motorcycle for you on a wooden re-usable pallet you can keep. We charge you 120 Euro for the pallet and handling, payable together with the bike prior to shipment. This option is only available for motorcycles, not for quad.

Option 3
The motorcycle/quad is being transported to you into its original pallet. We invoice you 400 Euro per pallet, which you pay together with the invoice of your motorcycles/quads. Upon return of the pallet into our warehouse we will issue you a credit note and refund you.

Inform us of which option you prefer.

  What are forward orders ?
We offer you the possibility to order goods out of a certain production month.
By doing so you are securing the ordered units at a very competitive fixed forward order price.
We can not be held responsable for production delays.
The units that are not accepted for production in the scheduled month are automatically carried over to the following production month. You will be notified as soon as we are notified.
Forward orders cannot be cancelled.
A proforma invoice will be issued.
You will be required to pay a deposit of 10%
The balance will be due upon arrival of the goods.
Failure of payment in full within 1 week after arrival notification will be considered as cancellation of the order and loss of deposit.
  How can I pay ?
The easiest and cheapest way to pay your goods is by international bank transfer to our KBC bank account, if you would like to pay with documentary credit please contact
  Which documents will I receive ?
For most of the European spec motorcycles we can provide COC documents. Only the homologated quads also have COC documents. After receipt of your payment original invoice and COC documents (if any) will be sent to you. We can not be held responsable for COC documents not conform to the request of the legislation of your country. COC documents are provided by the manufacturers of the goods. We cannot change them in any way.
  What is your service and warranty policy?
Thanks to the longstanding relationship we have with our suppliers we can comply with the manufacturer's warranty policy! However all sports models (not homologated) are models used in competition and do not carry any warranty.
  • All our units are packed in original factory crates and full power unless otherwise specified.
  • We provide the paperwork you need in order to register your unit in your country. (coc, certificate of origin,..)
  • We can supply leaflets, parts, microfiches and owner manuals in any language you require.
  • All recalls will be attended immediately and all parts will be replaced and kept at your disposal at our warehouse.
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